We believe that the work place can be homelike, where the worker has a good time, and they are more productive.

So we take consider exclusive achievement of unique, high quality office places. Our solutions are from the demolition of the existing office places, or basic complete condition to handing over of the ready built office places. They cover every phase. We estimate the particular demands of the order, connected with the demands of the facilities management; we work together with designer team who have many experiences. We achieve particularly or office places. We always set up unique and stylish office places.

We like building, and exclusive places setting up, witch are unique. Achieve always-valuable things; witch the next generations can be pride to.

  • Construction works of public buildings, services and commercial buildings, with more functions, education and culture buildings;
  • Rebuilding works, restore works, convert works, extensive works, the other building works, installation works and other works of existing building;
  • Set up, rebuilding, converting and enlargement works of shop and offices places;
  • Cleaning tasks in building industry, connected with construction.